Residence permits for property owners

In April 2013, new Law was voted by the Greek Authorities , within non  European Union (EU) citizens are entitled to obtain residence permit in Greece, for a period of 5 years, under the condition they have buy a property for the amount of 250,000 euros at least.

This provision has been enthusiastically received by the international community, and, at the moment, there are already happy owners of a 5 year residence permit with the right to free movement in the European Union and territories of the member countries of the Schengen Agreement.

Who is eligible to receive a 5-year residence permit?

This residence permit for property owners is a new category of residence permits granted to foreigners – nationals of third countries, Countries outside of the European Union, who are either already owners of a property in Greece, worth more than 250,000 euros, or intend to purchase one (and can prove their intention).

At the moment, is not necessary visa type D, as it was before. This visa was issued by the Greek Consulate or Embassy based at the third country.

According to the law, family members are:

spouse (s) of the owner / future owner and their parents, as well as their minor children, including adopted minor children.

Price of the purchased property?

Price is defined by the price is written in the contract.

Residence permit for this category is valid for 5 years, with the right to be renewed for as long as the owner owns the property.

The list of required documents to get a “Residence permit” for property owners  worths over 250.000 euros:

In order for the initially submitted package of documents to provide a 5-year residence permit to be considered complete, the applicant should be provided with:

  • Application in 2 copies
  • 3 photos
  • Copy of valid international passport
  • A copy of the purchase contract , from which it is clear that the price of the object is more than 250.000 euros
  • A certificate from a notary confirming that the sale and purchase agreement certified by him meets the requirements of the law for property owners – foreigners applying for a residence permit in Greece
  • Certificate of registration of the purchase contract in the Land Register
  • Certificate from insurance company

The list of required documents to get a “Residence permit” for property owners  worths over 250,000 euros, if the object becomes a legal entity: 

  • A copy of the contract of sale of immovable property from which it follows that the object price is 250,000 euros and above
  • Help from the notary, confirming that the purchase and sale agreement certified they meet the legal requirements imposed on property owners – for foreigners applying for a residence permit in Greece
  • Certificate of registration of the sales contract from the Register of Real Estate (Ipofikofilakio)
  • A copy of the charter of the legal entity, from which it follows that the applicant owns 100% of the shares or shares of the company
  • Certificate from insurance company 

Property owners family members to obtain a residence permit must submit the following documents:

  • Help from the insurance company
  • Certificate of marital status

Prepare the necessary documents shall be entitled as the applicant himself personally and his representative, who shall be duly executed power of attorney. However, here there is an important caveat. Even if the original documents were collected by the applicant, on the day of the immediate filing of documents, the applicant must appear in person.

Authorized officers verify the completeness and correctness of the documents submitted and the applicant is issued a certificate of the established sample, confirming the submission of documents for a period of 1 year. During the validity of this certificate the applicant has all the scope of the rights granted him a residence permit category “property owner”.

The costs of obtaining a residence permit

If you receive a residence permit, adults citizens, have to pay a state fee.

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