Immigration Law:
Residence permit in Greece for non EU citizens

The main categories of residence permits:

Foreign citizens who want to open a company in Greece to organize and develop their business in Greece, need a residence permit to conduct independent economic and financial activities.
There are “entrepreneurial” and “investment” residence permit.
To obtain such a residence permit requires proof of monthly income, no less than 2 thousand per month.
According to Greek law, a residence permit in Greece can get third-country nationals who have sufficient income in their home countries, but without the right to work or doing business in Greece. Income must be at least 2,000 euros per month for the head of the family, plus 20% for the other part to spouse (spouse) must also be 20% of this amount, plus15% for every child. Taking into account any legal income, documented, including pension and other income coming into the bank account of the applicant, such as income from rental housing.
  • Family members – third-country nationals
  • Autonomous residence permit family members of third-country national
  • Family members of the Greek or EU citizens
(Education, public interest, etc.).
The above conditions are exceptional reasons for a residence permit. When applying to the package of necessary documents must be accompanied by a receipt of payment of a fee.

Residence permits for property owners

In April 2013, new Law was voted by the Greek Authorities , within non European Union (EU) citizens are entitled to obtain residence permit in Greece, for a period of 5 years, under the condition they have buy a property for the amount of 250,000 euros at least.


How to obtain Greek citizenship?

According to law number 4332 of 9 July 2015 which was amended and the amendment to the previously released,  laws number 3284/2004 and 4251/2014, Greek citizenship can be obtained by:
1. A minor (under 18) an alien child born on the territory of Greece, under the following conditions: (…)



Legalization of foreign nationals in Greece: Law 4332/2015. If you are illegally residing on the territory of the Hellenic Republic, your visa or your residence permit has expired, but you want to continue to live in Greece and want to legalize your residence in the country – then this article is for you. (….)


How can we help you?

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