Civil law:
Civil cases

Our law firm offers advice and consultation in civil cases – the most frequently requested kind of legal services. This is due to a wide range of cases that fall under the definition of “civil procedure”. Every day, hundreds of cases areconsidered by the courts – from disputes related to compensation for damage caused by an accident, to complex processes for the recovery of debts in civil law transactions.

Any sphere of property and non-citizens is regulated by the interaction of the civil law, so differences that have arisen as a result of the relationship of citizens, often resolved in court without the involvement of the civil lawyer.

When considering a civil case in court is often the decisive role played by the professionalism of the lawyer of one of the parties.

It is important to note that participation in the proceedings directly – only a small part of the work of the lawyer in charge of civil affairs.

The main work of a qualified lawyer performs in the pretrial order carries out consultations and give written opinions, making a legal examination of documents, objectively evaluates the prospects of a civil case in court. This and other activities requires a lawyer in civil matters, qualifications and relevant experience, which seems necessary, given the specificity of civil proceedings in Greece.

A lawyer conducts business Savvas Zannetos civil law from the beginning of his career, which already has more than 20 years. In his law practice, many examples of the successful completion of most cases of varying degrees of complexity.

In order to get a lawyer’s advice in civil cases, it suffices to use a convenient contact form or by calling the phone number on the website. We will be happy to assist you!

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Lawyer Savvas Zannetos Office provides the following services in civil cases:

  • Hereditary legal relations (acceptance or rejection of the inheritance)
  • The performance of obligations under contracts
  • Pecuniary damage
  • Compensation for moral harm
  • Cash Collection (debt owing to a material and moral damages, unjust enrichment, and so forth.)
  • All types of contracts (conclusion, termination, recognition of the void)
  • Disputes with insurance companies
  • Disputes related to credits, loans
  • Appeal of action / inaction of officials

Specific areas of civil law:

  • Family disputes (divorce, division of joint property, alimony, adoption, definition of the child’s place of residence, etc.)
  • Purchase and sale of real estate
  • Labor disputes
  • Admiralty Law and International Admiralty Law  (Law of Shipping and International Law of Shipping)

Cases on administrative violations:

  • Representation of interests in cases of deprivation of a driver’s license
  • Road traffic accidents (RTA)
  • Disputes about violation of rules of registration and stay of citizens in Greece
  • Appeal against administrative acts of state bodies