Real estate transactions:
Real estate in Greece

Before proceeding in a purchase, in order to avoid the risk of problems arising, it is most important to hire an Attorney so he/she can help and advise you regarding your legal matters, who is perfectly familiar with all the process details of the purchase. For those reasons we suggest that you use the services of our office.
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You need competent legal advice on real estate? We are able to provide you with real help when:

  • Legal support
  • Legal check of the documents and solution to any problems that might arise
  • Draft and signature of pre-contract private agreement
  • Drawing up a contract of sale, gift, exchange, etc..
  • Drawing up the contract of sale
  • Registration of the property’s title deed at the Land Registry.

Our experts at the highest level is carried out legal support of transactions concluded between natural and legal persons, with all the objects of real estate: buying and selling of apartments, rooms, share, houses, buildings, land, property complexes, rent, mortgage, defending the interests of our clients and ensuring full legal protection in a particular transaction.

Foreigners can freely buy property in Greece: residential, commercial or land. Both individuals and legal entities are free to purchase property.

Experienced specialists of our office will help make the process of buying a property reliable and fast as possible.

The only restriction not only foreigners but for nationals too,  concerns areas that are military interest, despite the fact that some of these areas located far from the Greek borders. To purchase a property in certain designated areas, the buyer is required to obtain permission from the local authorities. Today, the procedure is simplified, and the issuance of such permit will require about ten days. Our firm can help you to obtain this permit.

Obtaining permission to purchase real estate in the above mentioned areas, is included, for our customers, in the package on legal support of real estate transactions.

Acquisition of real estate by proxy:

Preparation and checking of the documents required for the final transfer of ownership will take some time. In most cases, the client is often not able to be present in Greece for this stage of the transaction.

In the event that the buyer is not possible to make a purchase in person, he can buy a property remotely, without having to travel to Greece. This will require to issue a power of attorney to a lawyer to accompany the transaction.

Why do you need a trusted lawyer? In order to:

1.      Leave in trusted hands, money for deposit or payments ;
2.      Open a bank account and pay bills for you;
3.      Take a receipt when the bills are paid;
4.      Signed a preliminary agreement without you being in person;
5.      Sign the final contract on client’s behalf.

Trusted lawyer always acts in your best interests! You will be able, without personal presence, monitor the process of buying real estate, by proxy.

Where to issue power of attorney to a lawyer?

The power of attorney is issued: By a notary in Greece, by the Greek consulate in your country (United Kingdom,USA, China etc) or by a notary or a notarized lawyer. In the last case the power of attorney is required to be accompanied by the Apostille seal.

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Legal support

When buying a property, the work of the lawyer begins from the stage of preparation all the necessary documents for the transaction and ends with the registration of the property rights to the Land Registry.

Attorney’s work can be divided into three stages:

First stage – checking property rights of the property seller and verification of documents on property;

Second stage – preparation and support of the conclusion of the preliminary (pre-contract agreement) or final purchase and sale of real estate;

Third stage – receive the  certificate of ownership from the Land Registry.

Each transaction of purchase and sale of real estate is unique.

A professional attorney of our office:

1.     Checks the legality and any problems that might have the documents of  land’s title deed, house,  apartment – check the legality  “purity” of the object;
2.     Checks the legal status of the seller;
3.     Prepares a letter of intent – a preliminary contract of sale or a contract for the construction, etc;
4.     Prepares a contract specifying the obligations of the parties involved in the transaction;
5.     Negotiates with the lawyer of the other party about  the contract, with respect to the requirements, rights and responsibilities;
6.     Supervisesthe drafted title deed before the signature of it in front of the notary;
7.     Obtains the certificate of registration of transfer of ownership from the Land Registry.

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What other services related to real estate are provided by our office?

  • Written and oral Consultations in the field of housing rights;
    Representation in court on Housing Affairs;
  • Representation in court on Housing Affairs;
  • Lodge Action and Representation at the court in cases of Fraudery and protracted of investing funds in construction projects;
  • Drafting of contracts of sale and purchase of immovable property, including payment by installments;
  • Participation in support of real estate transactions: donation, establishing (determining) shares in right of common;
  • Drafting of contracts of sale and purchase of immovable property, including payment by installments;

Lawyer Savvas Zannetos guarantees confidentiality and a full range of services at your request.