How to obtain Greek citizenship?

According to law number 4332 9th of July 2015 which was amended and the amendment to the previously released, law number 3284/2004 and 4251/2014, Greek citizenship can be obtained by:

1. A minor (under 18) an alien child born on the territory of Greece, under the following conditions:

a) if at the time of submission of the application for citizenship, the child is enrolled in the first grade of primary school of Greek and visits him constantly;

b) if one of the parents of the child has 5 years of continuous legal stay in the territory to the birth of the child in Greece;

Note: If a child was born abroad and its age is less than five-years old, has the right to obtain Greek citizenship in case that  one of the parents has  10 years of continuous legal stay in Greece;

c) if the parents have the permission of long term residents (άδεια μακρόν διαμένοντος) or a permit for the indefinite period or permit of ten years residence (άδεια αόριστης διάρκειας ή δεκαετούς) in Greece, if the parents are members of the EU and have a document confirming their  permanent  residence in Greece;

d) if parents are political refugees;

d) if  parents are second generation Greeks;

e) if one of the parents is Greek expatriate or citizen of  EU.

 2. A minor (under 18) an alien child born outside the territory of Greece, under the following conditions:

a) if at the time of submission of the application child is living for at least 10 years in Greece, and his parents have a legal residence permit. An adult (18 to 23 years old) child who permanently and legally residing in Greece provided that:

b) he has a residence permit as a child of second generation of immigrants (άδεια διαμονής δεύτερης γενιάς).

Note: In order to obtain the above permission to stay, for the subsequent submission of documents to the Greek citizenship, it is necessary to confirm a six-year study in Greek school.

3. A child who has been adopted by a Greek citizen before the age of 18.

4. A child born out of wedlock but has been recognized by his father who is a Greek citizen.

In all the above cases documents lodged to District service of the Orator either by himself or his Attorney.

Application for citizenship of minors is Lodged by their parents.

 For all the above matters, Attorney’s Savvas Zannetos Legal firm, provides the following services:

  • assist in the collection of documents that must be submitted for consideration to District service
  • official certification and translation of documents
  • obtaining certificates confirming education in Greek schools
  • submission of documents to District service, on behalf of the parents or of the child, by proxy
  • business progress tracking

Delivery times and costs are discussed personally with our Legal firm and depend on each individual case.

We will be glad to help you speed up and simplify the obtaining of Greek citizenship!